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Issues with A1 warning messsges incompatibility etc

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Ive had periodic problems with my A1 freezing focus, displaying incompatible accessories etc.   the problem goes away upon turning off the A1, pulling the battery holder from ghe Vello grip and reinserting them.  Seems to happen when one of the 2 batteries gets low.  Wondering if its the non-Sony aftermarket batteries or the aftermarket Vello grip.  Ic I have to move to Sony exclusive accessories I will, but first want to pinpoint the culprit.  My firmware for camera and 200-600 lens are current. 

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Come on, you can afford a 6500$ camera but can't afford a few 78$ batteries ?

I had so many issues with generic accessories in the past that i avoid these so called bargains.

I am sorry but i just can't stand some of these questions like people buying a used lens at what they think is a low price and  then complaining of the high price for an original lens shade.

It can be either the generic grip or the generic batteries or a combination of both.

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Are you able to replicate the problem when using the camera without the grip, and with the original battery? If you can, then get Sony to look at it. If you can’t, it’s going to be more difficult to get them to do much. Sometimes you get lucky, and you get a tech who will do his/her best; sometimes you get one following the script…

It’s not just Sony - ask a Nikon owner who got charged for repairs with the bill marked “user error”…

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