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Clear Image Zoom & Memory recall

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1 ) I was wondering if anybody could tell me the difference between variable and fixed Clear Image Zoom.

2) Is it possible to modify Memory Recall in such a way that some setting do not change?
I want to change only fps and shutter speed, not white balance and other stuff. So is it possible to restrict changes to just a part of my settings?


P.S. not a native speaker so I hope I made myself clear :)

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Clear Image Zoom is just magnifying the image in camera - you can get the same effect by cropping the image in post-processing, and choosing what size you want when saving it as a JPEG (or HEIF). You are likely get a better quality image by doing it in post because the camera has to do it with a small processor in a limited amount of time, while your desktop / laptop can take its time. I won't use Clear Image Zoom, so I can't tell you the difference between fixed and variable.

On the "only change some of the settings part. I thought that was possible, but I was remembering a different setting - you can control which settings (like aperture and shutter speed) are different between Stills and Movies: that's in Setup / 3 Operation Customise / Different Set Still/Movie on my A7RV - may be in a different menu if you have a different camera. That lets you check boxes for things that will be kept separately between still shooting and video. 

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Thx for the reply.


1) I use Clear Image Zoom when shooting videos, not for photos. The quality of the video is much better that way than cropping in an editing program as there is no loss in resolution. A great thing to use with prime lenses, if you ask me (although you trade AF face and eye detection for it).


2) I use different set between stills and movies but that doesn't help me any in this case because I am not switching between stills/video settings.

When I am shooting a video in 25fps and I decide to change to 50fps - I will switch from mode dial 1 to mode dial 2 - and by doing so everything changes to predetermined settings, right? And when I say everything I mean pretty much everything - from aperture to White Balance. Well, I don't want that. I already have my White Balance dialed in, I already have my aperture dialed in for composition purposes. I don't want those settings to change.

I just want to change my fps and shutter speed (those two settings only!) but it seems to me that's impossible as I have to decide all setting in advance in order to save them in the first place. 

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As you observed clear image zoom is great for video. I mainly use it to get best in camera framing with fast prime in low light. It also helps extend the range of zoom lenses. I have a6500, I don't know what fixed clear image zoom is. Are you referring to digital zoom? Clear image zoom has access to your sensor megapixels and decimates to the required frame size. At 4k frame size I find the results excellent even at maximum Clear Image Zoom. Both the lens and sensor have literally buckets of detail to work with. I agree with the universal opinion that Digital zoom is evil, but Clear Image Zoom is totally different. 

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Hil, maxzoom. Thx for joining the discussion.

Apparently variable clear image zoom zooms slowly when pressed lightly and zooms fast when pressed further. On the other hand, with fixed clear image zoom it doesn't matter how hard you press, the zoom speed is constant.

I don't think you have that option on your a6500.

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