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cheek smears on screen

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No, it's impossible to not touch the LCD screen with cheek, nose and lips, much like fingerprints on smartphones -- it's inevitable.  Just have a good sized microfiber cloth handy if the face prints on the LCD screen bothers you.

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6 hours ago, tadwil said:

Good point.  I miss the fully articulated LCD screen that I had on the Lumix G2 but as a life-long chimper, it was rare for me to flip the screen inwards during shoots. 

With the A7RV I chimp in the viewfinder - lots more detail to the image! I can find the replay button by feel, and I have redefined the Fn button in Replay to do Rating, so I can star images while I chimp. I can also feel the AF On button to magnify if I need to zoom in. And I have no problems with sunlight washing out the screen, either.

Took me a couple of months owning the A7RV to develop new habits, but I like it.

I do use the screen when photographing a person - they see the image and improve their pose. Animals and birds, not so much 😝

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I do miss the fully articulating screen I had on my old A99!

As well as being able to turn it inwards, it was great for viewing shots at taken from very low level, especially in portrait orientation.

However, I am loving my new (2nd hand) A7Riv - the A7Rv looks great, but is well out of my price range at the moment!

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