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Transferring video / image files A7Siii


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Hey everyone - I picked up the A7Siii back in January and had a question about transferring / managing the files off the SD card after a shoot. I’m a self taught hobbyist and couldn’t find much information around best practices online. 

I’ve been ejecting the SD card and putting it into a card reader and transferring the files onto my Mac and then deleting old files from there. I just read an article that said a photographer lost an entire photoshoot by putting his SD card into a card reader that wound up corrupting his files and he never removes his SD cards anymore but only uses data transfer cables. 

I know the a7siii has the usb c cable that I can connect directly to my MacBook but I feel like the files transfer very slow this method compared to just connecting the SD card directly. I also wasn’t sure if this is good for the camera. 

What is the best method / workflow to offload pictures and videos after a shoot? 



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Keep doing it your way, which is also my way. Never have suffered a 'corrupted' anything. No telling what that guy did wrong but the most likely thing is not unmounting the card (then waiting a few seconds for the i/o operations to cease) first before he yanks it out. 

I copy to computer but also leave files on the card until I verify everything transferred successfully. I'll batch rename the file extensions on the card to lowercase after the transfer as a way to signify which files made it to the computer with anything remaining UPPERCASE telling me it only exists on the card and nowhere else.

(If you're concerned about data corruption while in the reader then slide the lock switch making it 'read only' before inserting.) 

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