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  1. Hey everyone - I picked up the A7Siii back in January and had a question about transferring / managing the files off the SD card after a shoot. I’m a self taught hobbyist and couldn’t find much information around best practices online. I’ve been ejecting the SD card and putting it into a card reader and transferring the files onto my Mac and then deleting old files from there. I just read an article that said a photographer lost an entire photoshoot by putting his SD card into a card reader that wound up corrupting his files and he never removes his SD cards anymore but only uses data transfer cables. I know the a7siii has the usb c cable that I can connect directly to my MacBook but I feel like the files transfer very slow this method compared to just connecting the SD card directly. I also wasn’t sure if this is good for the camera. What is the best method / workflow to offload pictures and videos after a shoot? Thanks!
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