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New forum member here.  I joined hoping to get some advice on a problem with my camera.

I was using my trusty A33 last night, with a freshly charged battery (Sony), and after taking several photos, pressed the shutter button to take another when the camera shut off.  Nothing I tried got it to turn back on.   When I got home, I tried another battery, also freshly charged, and it still would not come on.  The strange thing is, when I tried the AC adapter, the camera worked fine!

I did some research and learned others have had similar problems though I saw no mention of their cameras still functioning on AC.  Regardless, I tried the reset steps from the Sony site, let the camera sit overnight,  put a battery in this morning and though it acted like it wanted to work,  when I hit the shutter button, it made a soft click and went black.  After that...nothing.   But again, when I switched to AC, it came on and functioned perfectly.

Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated!  Thank you.





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Update - First, thank you for the replies!

I'm happy to report that the problem has been solved...it was the batteries!  Both are 10+ years old but were rarely used until recently as I usually used the AC adapter.   Even though they appeared to charge properly, and registered 100% when first put in the camera, for some reason they couldn't provide the needed power.  I thought it odd that with AC power the camera worked fine so on a hunch, I bought a new battery that arrived today.  The camera works perfectly with it.  😊  


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