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I'm no expert but...

If you find your images too dark, have you tried adjusting the EV setting (button on camera makes as a square split diagonally with a +/-.  Press button and scroll to increase value.

Also, if you shoot RAW, the photos often show up darker than a JPEG as they haven't had any significant processing done "in-camera" and will need processing on a computer, using a programme like Luminar 4, Capture One, "Photos" on a Mac or Adobe (pricey).

To get "true" colour it is worth taking the time checking your white balance corresponds with the type of light you are using. (Auto white balance works well enough with light sources that are on "permanently" but will not work with flash.

Shooting RAW allows you to pull up a lot of detail and have more control over the colour in processing.

As you say your pictures don't have to be "top Pro" you might want to look at a relatively cheap (£25 / $30) LCD video light. I have a Neewer CN-160 which can be made brighter as needed and can be used as a spot light or defused with the filters that come with it.


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