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A7 RII MK2 not fully starting

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HELP... I am on a project and my 2 month old Sony a7rII is fritzing out.  Problem started last night while using my Metabones adapter with a Canon 28-125 lens.  Switched back to my Sony lens and it was fine... Then today during a band photo shoot it started again.  The camera has not had any drops or weather issues. Here is what is happening:


When I turn on the camera... the screen flashes and acts like it is starting up but never fully shows and details or menus.  It attempts to focus and change aperture... but the screen goes dark before coming back on.  It repeats this cycle over and over and never goes anywhere.  In addition you can feel the shutter or something in the camera moving. Additionally... even after the camera is powered off... the cycle continues. 


Help!  Really hoping there is a way to do a hard reset or something without having to send it in.  I have another project over the next 4 days that I would LOVE to use this for and won't be able to send it in for support before then.  


Sorry this post is all over the place and not as clear as I wish it could be.  I have my Canon 5D Mark II and a Sony a6000 so I am covered but really want to keep using the a7rII Thank you in advance for any help!!!!


Will Byington


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Your adapter is causing the problem. Check it over. Others have had this problem IIRC, so try a search, or wait because someone else will find recall the precise details.

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Thank you.  I have now had the battery out of the camera for the past 15 hours or so... will try again later.  As far as the meatiness adapter, I have not had it one the camera since this problem started... only using native Sony lenses and the problem was still persisting.  


Any additional feedback or help would be amazing. 

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You may hafta reload the firmware .... and

junk the adapter. I've read too many posts

from users having problems associated with

"smart" adapter and converters. I have the

same cameras as you, and I no longer plan

to use the EF lenses on the Sony bodies.



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Thanks to everyone again for the replies.  I had not updated the firmware before this happened.  Now I am not sure how to update the firmware... it won't start up long enough I don't think unless there is a way to force the firmware to start?  


Here is a video of what was happening:

Thank you for any feedback or help. 
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Good day, I have the same same exact problem for many months with my Sony alpha II... and finally decided to send it back for repair analysis through the vendor I did purchase the camera from... feedback few weeks later: they ask me about 500$ to «change the full PCB » of the camera... this is not acceptable (even after 2 years warranty) that one asks almost half of the cost of the Sony camera for a problem reported by many other users on the web. Please help us to bring this issue to the radar of Sony since there is clearly an issue of design /or reliabilty of their cameras for few users like us...

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The same thing has happened to my camera. I bought it brand new (body only) in December 2019, and now its February 2020 and it has stopped working.

The screen acts like it is turning on but then it flashes with a few colors then turns back off again and repeats this cycle. Sometimes the camera won't turn off and the battery has to be removed.

Can anyone help me if they've had the same problem or know how to fix it?

I am not using a metabones adaptor so it can't be this issue.

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During my last shooting, from one photo to the next, the camera went black/off and I could not switch it back on.

It only shows a black screen and is cycling it, looks to me like a bootloading cycle.

There is some silent noise hearable as well, like a small motor or so, but not the shutter itself.

Here the video that shows the behaviour: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnF6gHyhnEINhOQrSqrEgbhIhUtawA

What can I do to resolve this?


I tried the following:

- batterie out, waiting,  fully charged in again

- no lens/different lenses on

- SD card  out

- Trying to install firmware but camera not detected on the PC


Thanks a lot!


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