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  1. Coming back here after a few months now. The camera still does not power ON with its batteries. Frustrating situation not to be able to use such a great tool anymore. Curious to see if anybody in here had similar experience with their sony carema and willing to offer new suggestions? Many thanks to all.
  2. Hi XKAES, Thanks for your reply. To reply to you: - Yes, all the batteries I tested it with are FULLY charged. All of them also work with a colleague's camera body. - YES. The camera only starts when connected to a USB power source (through my laptop, not an AC power) and I can then gain FULL access to the camera as normal as you can see in the video with the cable off the camera. The camera works normally then, I can take as many photos as I want, shoot 4K movies and reads/writes on the SD card with no issues. Note that this one battery is the only one I own with which this works. Other batteries do not allow me to start the camera via USB strangely. Also, this one battery does not need to be fully charged in order for me to boot via USB. - You mention instructions "above" but I do not see any links or instructions. The camera's manual also does not give any instructions regarding replacement. I did find in there how to charge this internal battery, which I already tried (2days connected to an outlet with camera power OFF), but no luck there... Could you by any chance refer me to or attach any relevant information to help me find the internal MEMORY battery and replace it myself? Many thanks again for your time
  3. Thanks for clarifying this. And yes, I did make sure that the contacts on both the external batteries AND inside of the body were clean of any debris. As you can see on the video, the camera boots up with the battery I am holding at the begining. It is the only battery currently (out of 5) that still works when I attempt to start the camera through USB. Which is very weird to me... I do not understand what this one in particular has that the others don't...
  4. Hi Pieter, after seeing your message I tried again to boot up the camera via usb as in this video. once with a Sony battery, nothing happened. Then with a knock off brand again. The camera then started as on the video and it now requires me to set time and region every time I shut it off and back on. i believe you might be I to something about the I get all battery. Could you kindly let me know how can I replace it? I couldn’t find online a step by step tutorial or even where this internal battery is located within the camera body. i thank you once again for your help and reply.
  5. Hey Pieter, Thanks for brilliant idea. I have tried that a while back with no success, sadly. I will try again tho. How do one locate this internal battery to check for damage? It is my understanding I would have to open the camera is that right?
  6. Thanks VTC for your suggestion. May I ask you how would I check the internal battery? It is my understanding that I would have to open the camera in order to find it. Is that right?
  7. Hi there! I am a very happy owner of an A7r2 for 4 years now. Sadly not under warranty anymore.... Out of nowhere, the camera stopped working. Black screen of death... Tried multiple batteries (all fully charged) nothing happened. Today I magically regained control of the camera by connecting it via USB. I managed to update the firmware to its latest version 4.01. initialized the camera back to factory, no luck... The camera just NEEDS to boot up via USB. It won't start just on batteries.. I own 5 batteries. 3 Sony branded and 2 Chinese knock off. Weirdly enough the camera only boot up via USB with this one Chinese knock off batt. All the other ones do not seem to work with the camera but have been tested successfully with other devices. I would appreciate any input/stories, recommendations The camera was never dropped and never used under any rain. It was in perfect working condition and this issue arose out of nowhere. It saddens me to spend $$$ on gear like this just to see it malfunctioning after 4 years... I still have my 12 years old Canon 5D2, it works flawlessly...aahhhh... Thanks all for your help IMG_6225.MOV
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