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Sony Compatibly for A7R iii

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I have a Sony Alpha 230 with some lens and flash guns. I am thinking of buying a A7R iii so I was wondering how I would check that my old lens and flashes would work with an A7R iii.



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The Sony A230 uses the older A-mount while the A7Riii uses the E-mount. You can use an adapter like the LA-EA4 to make your old lenses work on the A7Riii. Do take note that your old camera has an APS-C sized sensor so your old lens might be designed for APS-C. If so, it won't cover the entire sensor area and your A7Riii will switch to crop mode.

The hot shoe is different too so your old flashgun won't fit unless used with a Sony/Minolta to Sony Multi Interface (MI) hot shoe adapter

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