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Review image between frames while shooting continuous

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Bit of an odd question here possibly..

I recently purchased a Sony A7R III. I previously had an Olympus EM1 Mark II. One big difference that I'm seeing is that when I shoot in continuous mode I am not seeing the last photo on the screen between frames. I have the image review setting set to 2 seconds, but that doesn't seem to have any impact when shooting continuously. For example, I shoot lightning and fireworks pretty often with shutter speeds of about 2-8 seconds. I use a shutter cable and lock the button down so the camera continuously fires shots. What I want is to be able to see each photo between frames.

A lot of times I'll turn these sequences of images into timelapse videos. In order to make a nice timelapse I cannot take a few seconds to stop shooting and check my photos. I need to be able to see the photos immediately after they are shot so that I can make adjustments with my variable ND filter if the exposure needs adjusted.

Is there a setting that will let me do this?

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