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How do you export pictures wirelessly to a Mac?

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I have an A6000 camera which I use on my vacations and I have been using a cable to download the pics to my MacBook.  It gets quite tedious to do this every night in a different hotel, especially when I'm also downloading pics from my wife's RX100 III.

I realize that I could use the hotel's wifi network, but we're in a different hotel every night or every other night and some of the hotel's wifi networks are pretty slow.

Is there a way of connecting the computer to the camera's wifi network, similar to how pics can be exporting wirelessly from the camera to a smartphone?   When I tried to do this at home, the computer sees and connects to the camera's wifi network, but it doesn't ask for the password nor does the camera show up in Finder.  What am I doing wrong?

Is there another way of exporting pics that doesn't involve the hotel's wifi?


Thanks for your help!!

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