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50% off: Capture One Sony (only until March 31st)

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If you are interested in Capture One for Sony you should grab it until  March 31st!.

Until Sunday Capture offers 50% off!

» Capture One Shop

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    • I was very confused by the information on that site. Anyway, thanks again for the insight.
    • Cropping is what I was thinking. Mainly for wildlife or sports. So it's really coming down to the a7iii, a7riii, or a7iv. All those have larger pixels than the Sony a6500 which as I understand, will provide better dynamic range and less noise. The Sony a7riv and a7rv both have smaller pixels than the a6500, although the sensor is backlit. Not sure what difference that makes over the a6500. Anyway, thanks for the input again!
    • On pixel level the a6500 will be pretty similar to the A7Riv, so you'll be disappointed by the ISO performance of the R-series cameras when pixel peeping. However, it has 2.5 times as many pixels so when printed/viewed at the same size, the noise in the picture from the R series camera is averaged over 2.5 times as many pixels, much reducing the 'perceived noise' on image level. This is the reason why all same generation fullframe cameras provide similar 'perceived noise' when viewing an image at a fixed size, whether the camera has 12, 33 or 62 MP: the pixels from the higher MP camera are noisier but the noise is averaged over a larger number of pixels in the eye (actually, brain) of the beholder. Only buy the higher MP camera if you actually need all those pixels (e.g. print larger, crop more).
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