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Hello all. My name is Eric, I am from Staten Island, NY. I am new to Sony cameras. However I do have a nice Sony 4k TV. I am coming from a Canon T1i. I like to make youtube videos, and I purchased my Sony A6500 /w 18-135 camera to have better high quality 4k content. My current set up is just using a go pro hero 6 to make my videos. It's fine for making videos, but very limiting in what I can do such as you cant zoom with a gopro. I never bothered to use the canon to make videos as the autofocusing is terrible. So I figured it was time to upgrade in the video/photography department. Especially to the latest camera technology, as the T1i is pretty old. 

I have a few questions that I couldn't really seem to find in a search as they are pretty specific. Firstly I have not received my camera yet. Best buy says I will be able to pick it up this Sunday, so I'm pretty anxious to get it. Anyway one of my questions is does anyone here use cyber link powerdirector to edit their videos? If so what are the best settings to render 4k videos for youtube? Should I export in XAVC S or H264? Since I plan on mixing gopro footage in, I assume I should use H264? Just wanna be 100% certain on that. And does the bitrate need to be 100mbps as well for exporting? Or should I keep it at the youtube recommended 45mpbs? Also my other question was picture profiles. Now I know there are many articles on this, but what I really want to know is which are the best 4k settings (and photo) without needing color grading or photo editing? I know slog is the best, but I'm not interested in color grading. Those are the only questions I have for now.

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