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Black and white shots with a single shutter?

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I really like shooting black and white, but I cannot turn off the option that shutters three times instead of once. I use the rich black and white option in scene selection, but if there is a way to turn off the the triple shutter I have not found it. The store tech told me it was not possible for that setting. Is there another way to shoot quality B&W with a single shutter opening?

Thank you.

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Most cameras can record in regular B&W with a single shutter release. 

There is the Rich-Mono in Scene Selection (which I think you are using), there is also the Black&White setting in Creative Style. The Rich-Mono works much the same way as HDR, in that it merges three images to provide the rich detail and produces a JPEG image. You can’t reduce the number of shutter releases.

More control over the image may be obtained by shooting in RAW and then post processing the picture to obtain the B&W quality that you are looking for.

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