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High Sierra crashes when updating Sony Cameras

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Apples newest OS 10.13 (High Sierra) is crashing when trying to update Sony firmware.

I just got the new A7R3 and also bought the SEL24-70mm GM. (The A7R3 is fantastic BTW!!!!)

The 24-70 needed to update to the newer version 2.0.

I've done this several times on lots of my other sony cameras and lenses without and issues.

After crashing several times (that I have not experienced with a Mac for many years), I find out that there is an issue with the High Sierra and the Sony update software.

How is this really possible? The OS has been Beta testing for a long period already, so this should have been fixed long ago.

What about all the newcomers to Sony cameras that are using Apple? They will have the same problems when they buy their lenses that needs upgrades.

I'm really not impressed by either Apple or Sony by this. No communication in between them? Hey wake up!

Any solutions anyone of a roundabout, except using my sons PC?





iMAC 27 5K OS w/10.13 High Sierra


FE35 1.4/ FE35 2.8/ FE50 1.4 / FE55 1.8/

FE85 1.4GM/ FE90 2.8G Macro/

FE100 2.8STF GM/ FE24-70 2.8GM

Various Zeiss + Leica lenses and adapters


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The Updater does not work with High Sierra. I commented on the Sony Community Forum about this same issue. The beta version of the OS was available for months and there really is no excuse from Sony for this issue. They need to resolve it and improve their responsiveness in future.


In the meantime you will need to use another computer to update your firmware. 


I also suggest that you contact Sony Support and let them know… the more people that complain, the faster the issue will likely get attention.

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Speaking of updating to High Sierra: be aware, that after the update the unencrypted ftp-protocol of OSX-Server 5.4 will be gone. For those of you, that still want to use the A9's ftp feature. In encrypted form (TLS), this should still be available, but the available documentation is not really straightforward at all.

And I haven't found the time to explore this yet.


On the bright side, Capture One Pro does work under High Sierra, and tethering an A9 works, too.


On a general note: as far as I know, and I may be mistaken, participation in any beta program is not that restrictive after all. Sign up to the Apple developers program, and you may beta test at your heart's content whichever features you are most interested in. Instead of complaining that nobody else did it for you.

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  • 3 months later...

Got some info/rumors that an update is around the corner! Hopefully true...! 

This thread is from Nov. 2017 and it is now March 24 2018.  Is there any news about this. I just tried updating my Sony A9 from Firmware version 1.10 to 2.0 and it is still crashing my iMac running High Sierra. 

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