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  1. Problem Solved... After one month, Sony have got back to me and told me to quit drop box, Google drive sync, Lightroom CC, Capture 1... Basically I quit everything, from Adobe desktop manager to WD my cloud sync (got nothing starting with X, Y or Z) and it worked... Then spent an age turning everything back on, one at a time to find the culprit... Drum roll please... Drop box syncing was causing imaging edge to fail to see the camera, quit drop box it works, turn it on again it doesn't... Bit of an inconvenience, having to turn drop box off to allow imaging edge to play with camera, then turn it back on again when I've finished... But Hey Ho, Such is life...
  2. Sony have now been back to me, told me to download PMH, install, go to preferences and tick "kick in when camera attached" no idea why, because that is what I had done last week. OK camera now seen by PMH ! No idea why, & neither have Sony ! camera still seen by RCC, another mystery ! But cannot get Imaging edge to see the camera. This has now been passed to another department and they will get back to me...
  3. Have done, but they take forever to reply, well couple of days, just thought I'd see if anyone here had any ideas as well. I actually been in the loft and found the Sony box the camera came in because the usb lead that came with the camera was left in it, but that makes no difference. Play memories home was screwing up remote camera control & binning that has given me back RCC so I can get lightroom to monitor the folder, but that's a nonsense idea, play memories home & imaging edge are both made to tether to Sony cameras, but they won't.
  4. Thnx for the input but no ! Google drive doesn't pop up when I plug the camera in, if memory serves me correctly it did, it was a pain so I binned it ! The icon has gone from the top of the screen and there is nothing in applications for google drive. I have just logged in to google drive on the internet, gone to settings, everything is unticked & I'm logged out again. The other thing is I am not trying to use Capture 1 software, I'm trying to use Sonys Imaging edge,
  5. I have previously tethered my Sony A7RII by using remote camera control, and getting lightroom to monitor the folder that they import to. However now I cannot get the remote camera control to see the camera. I turn on "RCC" it says Alert - Cannot detect the camera. Confirm that the camera is properly connected, and click OK. Plug the camera in and turn it on, now the fun begins, Play memories home fires up, so something is detecting the camera, I get three notifications that the disk was not ejected properly, then a message telling me, Unable to authenticate the camera connected to the computer. I have binned play memories home & the camera is now seen in the PC remote setting in RCC. So I want to use Imaging edge to tether my camera. Fire up the software, it says camera is not connected, Select PC remote etc, done that, turned camera on, it tells me to turn off RCC, done that, camera is still not connected. So imaging edge is not detecting my camera ! re install RCC and it sees the camera. I've uninstalled Imaging edge and reinstalled it but getting same problem ! Just WON'T work !!!
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