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New guy from Switzerland

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after having posted my first few posts, it's about time to tell a bit more about myself:


I'm going to turn 60 in less than a week. That's why I recently treated myself to a new outfit of an A9 body, along with a 16-35GM plus an 100-400GM lens. No other lenses so far. I'm fully aware of the gaps this opens me up to. Time will tell. (I have a wife who needs to be convinced, and I don't want to over-do it the first time around).   =8-)


I'm German by birth, and emigrated to Switzerland about four years ago. My wife is Swiss.


In terms of photography, I've  used a Canon EOS 550D along with a Tamron 18-270, along with a Canon EF-S 10-22 for about 8 years, or so I feels, which I've traded in for my new gear.


My current leisure occupations (paragliding, Ducati Monster S1200, mountaineering) will probably not carry me past my seventies, although I have enjoyed taking my previous camera along all of those. So I felt this to be the just right time to take the next step.


That's about all I currently want to share.


Best regards,





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