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Problem with using Minolta 200mm f4 macro with Nissin flash

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I'm new on this forum and am hoping someone can help me resolve a problem I've run into with using my Sony ARII with a Minolta 200mm f4 Macro APO, adapted with a Sony LA EA4 E-mount to A-mount adapter. This is a fantastic lens and the adapter generally works very well. The only function that seems not to work is the manual focus assist.


Today I tried for for the first time to combine this setup with three off camera Nissin i60A flashes, controlled by a Nissin Air 1 Commander mounted on the camera hot shoe.


For some reason, with the Nissin commander in place the adapter refuses to talk to the lens.


So, for example, changing the aperture or shutter speed has no effect on the exposure, or on the view through the EVF or on the LCD screen. As soon as I remove the commander, the problem goes away but then of course I can't use the flashes.


I have two A7RII bodies and the problem was the same on both, so I'm sure it's not a problem with the camera, unless there's a setting I don't know about.


Has anyone come across this issue and, if so, is there a solution?

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