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Live Stream video PC - A6500, why isn't this a thing?? Or is it?

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Canon has EOS Utility which allows me to live view from my camera to my pc and adjust the camera settings as needed. This works even on the T3i!!! I can't seem to find ANYTHING online about Sony a6500 being able to do something similar. I shoot soccer games and I need a monitor that I can control the camera settings as well as have a live view. 


Using a monitor doesn't work for me as I can't control the settings of the camera (once it's 20 feet in the air, I can't adjust those things). So my question is this, is there a program that allows me to adjust camera settings and see a live view and have the ability to start and stop recording for a PC. I don't mean a tiny little phone where I can barely see what's going on but an program for my computer?


Honestly, it baffles me that Sony doesn't have a modern program that can easily do this. At least not one I have found. It's seriously making me consider selling my a6500 and moving back to Canon. 

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Assuming this is for video, and noted you don't want something that works on a tiny phone, but Playmemories supposedly works on ipads and some tablets just the same (haven't tried that, only my Iphone) as long as it has a wifi connection, or a Vaio PC.



Ver. 4.31 (November 17, 2016)
- One or more additional camera models are now supported: α6500
- Improved operational stability.
Alternate seems to be Capture One (Pro Version) but not sure if it will do video... I only have the free version.... no tethering.
Hope this helps.
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