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Uncompressed Raw for the A6xx series and A7 (first gen)

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So.. I know it's something that has been discussed over and over, the pros, the cons, and in between. 


But lets be honest, who, like myself, is unable to move yet to a A72 or a7Rm2 and also considers that it is unacceptable on a 1500$/€/£ A6500 does not offer uncompressed raw nowadays? 


Yes, I do consider limiting the factor of 12 bit raw, and I've had jagged artefacts or funny gradients appearing.. And yes, I will upgrade to a a72 probably in the future, but even nowadays for the a6500.


Such an expensive device, and not having the option.. And I do notice a difference, extra noise creeps when lifting shadows it's another example.


How hard is it to implement, and why not supporting that option to previous / initial A*** users?



Kind of why all my friends with canon and Nikon friends keep telling me.. Nice gadget but not a trustworthy tool for me, and I kind of have to agree with them.. 


Can not believe that most a7 / a6xx users did not experience this issues? 

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I had the issue just like you, major posterization in shadows (sunset) and skin-tones (under neon lights i think), only in a few colored photos to be fair. But in B&W I had the problem almost every time I was pushing the files a bit to hard in the B&W panel of LR 5.7 (the one where you can set each colors individually, sorry I don't know the name because I don't use LR in English).

At the time I also had a D7100 and not once did the files had this kind of problems, B&W, color, not one. 


It was enough to be a major turndown for me and make me sold my A7 (price of the lenses & AF also played a major role in that decision to be honest).


For the photos in color I have noticed that Capture One 8 tend to make the artifact appear more than LR 5.7, I don't know why. But when I had my posterization problems I could "control the damages" by developing the RAW file in LR, it didn't miraculously go away but it was less pronounced. If that can help somebody... 

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I have to ask, what are you shooting that the A6500 would not be powerful enough for?


PD Review are often very harsh in some of their reviews on issues 99.999999% of even pro users won't notice or care about.


In my experience, Photoshop has been able to resolve more issues with jpeg photos than Raw processing programs have for Raw file.

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