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haze or fungus

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Sorry to hear, but if this was a purchuase from a private person and you are unable to get a refund, I can only recommend trying to repair it yourself. Balsam seperation normally has a silky appearance over a bigger part of the surface of the glass. Judging from the pictures I do not think that this is the case. Non autofocus lenses are often easy to disassemble(except for the aperture assembly). I was able to disassemble some nikon and pentax lenses without any specialized tools. Only a screw driver and some hair spray caps with with rubber/latex gloves to improvise a friction knob are needed.


Cleaning can be done with distilled water, propyl alcohol or a blending of both with q-tips. If coatings look damaged start with distilled water and only gradually increase the amount of alcohol.

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Sorry, been busy with  life stuff....

However ,  it does look like fungus to me !

Be very careful in what you do, because if it is a fungus, then the whole lens body can be infected by spores.

They can even migrate into the camera body and wreak havock there !

A friend of mine, had to ditch a rather expensive  older   nikon lens, since the cost of a  total teardown & cleaning, was beyond economical sense !

Just because you cannot see the spores, does not mean they are not there !

If you have a jar of jam, that has mould on top, you do not just scrape the mould off the top - because you know, the whole jar is infected.

Therefore, you  BIN  it !

Sorry to bring such bad news !


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