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Canon 24-105 f4 + Sigma MC-11


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I am new in the Forum and I would need some help in this case


I am currently using my Sony a7II with 3 Prime Lenses


Batis 25 f2

Sony Zeiss 55 1.8 and

Batis 85 f1.8


That is a great Quattro and I love it, it makes fun, great Picture Quality, IBIS, every Thing oK


But sometimes when I am with the Family or on Holiday I need a Zoom.


My favorite Zoom would be a 24-105 or 24-120 mm Lens, a good Compromise betwwen the Quality & Comfort.


After trying defferent Combos I decided do get the canon 24-105 f4


The Canon works great with Sigma MC-11, not too heavy, ist weather sealed, Auto focus is fast, all Infos could be seen in the Camera, every thing oK with one single problem:

IBIS / IS Incompatibility


I have no possibility to turn the IBIS on or off, the only Possibility ist to turn the IS from the lens on/off, in this case both IS & IBIS together could be turned on or off.


But I would wish to turn the IS off & IBIS on


I hat other older canon telezooms like 75-300 with no IS, wenn I use the lens with the Sony, the IBIS of the camera is on and works great even by 300mm, but in the case of 24-105, the IS overrides the IBIS and the Steady shot is almost useless. 

the Question:

Is anybody out there who can tell me how can I turn the IS off & IBIS on to make the most from my canon 24-105. Is it possible ??


Thanks for the comments & help






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