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Option to disable "preview image" embedding?

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On the a6000 camera,is there an option to disable the embedding of a "preview image" with each JPEG image created? (I'm not referring to the "thumbnail" images, which add a negligible amount of data.) I have found that such embedded "preview images" can add 10-20% to the total file size of the JPEG file. 

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I'm not sure why you are concerned about file size (you don't say) but the jpegs are already pretty small, and I'd have thought the ~10% you are talking about is not a big deal in most circumstances.


Certainly compared to shooting RAW, which most of us who are concerned about image quality and flexibility in PP are doing, the file sizes of any of the jpeg options are scarcely a cause for concern.


I guess it's all a matter of perspective...  :rolleyes:

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