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I have posted three times here already without introducing myself, so I apologise for that.


I am a Brit living in Sierra Leone with my wife - we do volunteer work.


About two years ago I purchased a refurbished Sony NEX 5r in an effort to get back into photography for what has been a long time for me. We have had various point and shoots over the last ten years but I grew up with my Dad's Nikon FM2 and other bodies that he let me use and had not really seen anything affordable that could get me near the image quality and character of film.


Anyway, the NEX was a way back in, I was impressed by the sensor quality and used it somewhat sparingly for a few years. The lack of viewfinder was a mistake for me, I should have gone with the NEX6 which was a similar price discounted at the time.


Anyway, last November I finally gave in a got an A7ii. I purchased it from a forum's buy/sell section from a guy in the US who had just upgraded to the A7rii after hardly touching the first camera. I paired it with a 55 f1.8 and now have a camera that is WAY above my skills and abilities but I am really loving the experience and it has driven me to shoot more and read up a lot more.


I want to use this forum to get feedback on my pictures and make comments where I feel my limited experience allows.


I have a behance website which is behance.net/freetown which I have started posting some pics. Feel free to critique me on anything you see there as well. 

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