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Tamron 150-600 and teleconverter on Sony A7R M2


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On Dec 24th I shot the Full Moon from Marco Island using my Sony A7R M2 and a new Tamron 150-600 mm lens with Sigma EX 2X teleconverter mounted using Sony LAE3 adapter. The RAW shot was taken on a good tripod using ir remote trigger, ISO 64, 1/13 second, f13 (essentially the most open possible), and manual focus, stabilization turned off and on for subsequent shots.  At 1200 effective mm the moon filled something less than half of the short dimension of the frame.  I processed in Lightroom and Photoshop with limited optimization, mostly increased contrast and clarity, and moderate smart sharpen, although I did use lens correction which eliminated most of the chromatic aberration.  I cropped the photo so that limited black surrounded the moon, final jpg size was 2.4 MB; the uploaded photo is 800kb, JPG level 10).


I set the camera to electronic front curtain shutter but did not use full electronic shutter option.  I did not see a significant difference when I shot with and without in-camera image stabilization.


I had separately tested the TAMRON lens when bought and it was not nearly as fine detailed or contrasty as my SONY 70-400 mm G lens but it was still pretty good, particularly at f11-14.  Use of the teleconverter did not degrade the TAMRON as much as for the better Sony lens, which might be expected.

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Those are great shots and I'm very interested in the Tamron 150-600mm lens.


Just curious if the AF performance is better with the LEA3 and Sony A mount lens or with the Metabones IV and a Canon mount lens. I can't help the feeling of being ripped off with the Sony A mount version of the lens not having the stabilization for the same price as the Canon with the stabilization. I realize the M2 versions of the A7x cameras have the sensor stabilization.


Just wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compare, Metabones has made some AF advancements with their latest firmwares.


Thank you both for sharing your shots!

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