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Do Zeiss Biogons work better on the A/R II ?


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Did anybody try a Zeiss Biogon (like the Contax G wide lenses) on an A7R II already?


I know they have purple sides and smearing on the older A7x, but the A7R II has a completely new sensor with larger photocells and seamless micro lenses, which might change the situation.



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To answer my own question – probably not:




So I'll stick with my Olympus 21mm f3.5 when I need something small. I never could decide to buy the expensive 21mm Distagon, not only because of the money, but weight too. For me, 21 is landscape and the more remote, the better ;-)


P.S. Sorry, couldn't edit the typo in the subject, meant the A7R II of course.

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