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RAW to 10-bit HEIF

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I wonder whether it is possible to export Sony RAW images as 10-bit HEIF images.

I own Canon EOS R and I can do it with DPP and I get spectacular results. I wonder whether Sony offers this feature too.

I am switching to Sony (I have just bought Sony RX1) by the way. And now I am able to export Sony RAW images as 8-bit HEIF images only.

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Some Sony bodies already support 10 bit HEIF as a capture format (you can choose it instead of JPEG). I don't think any of them support converting RAW to HEIF in-camera.

Imaging Edge might support HEIF out - I have barely used imaging Edge, and never for that. You might want to explore the online documentation for Imaging Edge. I do see some mentions of it in a quick Google.

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I have found a workaround for the 10-bit HEIF conversion. Lightroom allows to export images as JPEG XL which offer similar features as HEIF 10-bit.

I primarilly needed some way to convert RAW images into some format supporting HDR. And JPEG XL looks good for this purpose.

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