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A couple issues with the A1, not sure what I did :)

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1) I, at one time, got 30FPS going on my camera working ... however now, I cant figure out how to get it back. I loaded someone else's settings on the camera and since then I have not been able to get it back. However, I did a complete reformat back to MFG setup and still cant get it.

Prerequisites for 30 FPS with Autofocus Continuous (AF-C)
You need to be shooting in Compressed RAW, JPEG or HEIF file format. 
	-- Image Quality set to Raw Compressed

Focus mode should be set to AF-C and drive mode to Hi+. 
	-- Done

Electronic shutter speed between 1/250 – 1/32000 sec. 
	-- Not sure where to set this? Shutter type is set to Auto right now

Priority Set in AF-C set to ‘Release’. The default is ‘Balanced Emphasis’. With it set to ‘Release’ the shutter will be released even if the subject is out of focus. With ‘Balanced Emphasis’ the camera tries to achieve a balance between focus and shutter release, however this reduces the maximum FPS slightly. 
	-- Set to Release

Use a lens that supports 30 FPS. View my Sony A1 Lenses Guide. 
	-- Using G Master 100-400 lens

Have the latest lens firmware version installed.
	-- Checked and firmware is .03

2) I have 2 cards in the card slots, but the camera only shows 1 in the top right area. Before I hard reset the camera it showed both


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14 hours ago, FunWithCameras said:

On the shutter speed, try setting auto-ISO min shutter - I use min 1000 (animal) or min 2000 (bird).

On the cards showing, mine shows the cards top left, not top right?

Everything else looks correct,

Current ISO settings .. 

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sorry, yes I meant top left for the cards … but still only shows 1. Is there an option for this somewhere I am missing? 



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