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Sony A7Siii Consistently Malfunctions Frame errors 120p4k

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Anyone have any advice for me here?  Video link at the bottom of what's going on....

My Questions:

  • 1. Could this file corruption / Frame error be a mechanical issue or a digital/software/firmware/processing issue?
  • 2. What else can I test (turn off/on) to see how I can get the best quality while still shooting on 120p.
  • 3. Do you know of a service/repair resource that has fixed this before?
  • 4. Any ideas on how to get Sony to correct/repair the faultiness here?


  • I've had my Sony A7siii for right at 2 years when I discovered that it corrupts part of the file, or has errors in the capture/encoding when shooting at 120p. There are stripes of horizontal sections/rows that jump above or below where they should appear in the image, for a single frame.
  • It appears to be worse when there is motion/the camera is moving, but it does happen even when the camera is fixed and the scene has no motion.
  • There is no consistency into where the sections of the frame will appear, shift to, or what size they will be.
  • I believe the file itself must be corrupted, because Quicktime cannot open the files on my computer, however, it can open other videos recorded at 120p from a few months ago. It also has no problem opening videos recorded at 24p or 60p.
  • I'm shooting in S-Log3, with Steadshot On, and SteadyShot Adjust set to Auto. This was shot on a the Sony 24-70mm 2.8 Gmaster lens, but its occurred while using my Tamron 50-400mm as well.
  • To capture the errors, this was shot at 1/240 shutter speed, on a 24p timeline, slowed down to 20%)
  • I've tested this on two different cards: CF Express A Sony Tough 160GB and 80GB. I've tried transferring the files from both my Sony Card Reader, and Directly from the camera itself, connected via USB-C to my computer.
  • I was on firmware 2.10, but I just upgraded to firmware 2.11.
  • I've done limited testing on lower bitrates and formats, but I *think* when I lower the format to 4:2:0 10bit 200M XAVC HS 4k, then I don't see the frame/file errors.
    • (Obviously I want to troubleshoot and fix this, because I want to get the most out of my camera investment and go back to the quality level I was shooting at).
  • I've never dropped it, it has no water damage, no body damage, and the sensor inside looks immaculate.
  • *I don't have another camera to check against, but I don't feel like the autofocus is as fast as it was when I first got the camera. I can't prove this, unless I got another camera body and did some very specific tests.
  • Here's a link to stills from the video, where I've captured the error frame, and the frame before and after. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aqiFZxjDN9iRXEezMMyKCj3JRzJSfY7-/view?usp=sharing
  • (Note to self: this is local file "Error Testing v2", the Clip itself is C2878.mp4)

See the video I uploaded here, and the details are repeated in the description:  


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