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Second kit, hiding in plain sight


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I had completely forgotten that I once bought a thin μ43 to E adapter for an aps/c designed lens in that mount. I tried a Nex-c3 or somesuch a few years back, but it wasn't quite what i had hoped.

The oddball adapter popped up from a box just after I had added a few more similar primes for my eM1.

Suddenly I have a new kit! 🤩 

+ A6000 (coming soon!)

+ μ43 lenses at 10/17/23/35mm

+ Pentax 70/85/135mm

At 50mm I have two Pentax (1.4 and 2.0), a Zonlai μ43 f1.4 and an E-native 50/2.. oops also a Takumar 55/1.8!

And no doubt I'll add an oss zoom or maybe two.. after all the 6-series bodies do AF pretty well I'm told. 😃

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Update: this adapter does not gave enough clearance to eject μ43 lenses without removing from the body first. Since the lenses fit quite snugly, I removed the part that locks the lens; I'm using small primes so it will not be too risky.


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