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Random 'No Lens Attached/Shutter is Locked' issues with 18-70 Kit Lens.


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I am having random but regular problems with the original kit 18-70 lens. 

on depressing the shutter release button the message 'no lens attached shutter is locked appears'. 

factors that may be relevant/important.

1. other lenses, 50mm prime, 70-200 etc are working fine, so assume it must be a lens not body issue. 

2. sometimes a simple turning off an on again will clear the problem, if only for a short time. 

3. sometimes the problem prevents shooting on any setting, sometimes it only prevents shooting on certain settings. for example this morning i could shoot on manual, but not on auto or any scene setting. 

4. despite point 1 that other lenses are working, i have followed advice on checking and cleaning camera and lens contacts and mounting ring etc. 


if anybody has any ideas or solutions it would be very much appreciated. 


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