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Recommendations to Upgrade from A6400

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Apart from costs this is also a question of weight, meaning what is still acceptable for you. If you want to upgrade to full frame and don't want it too heavy and too expensive I would suggest the A7IV with the Tamron 50-400 (which I have). Excellent picture quality and zoom range. If you do UHD60p video you will have some crop meaning that the zoom will be an equivalent of 75-600.

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The obvious upgrade now is to the A6700 - it has lots of new functionality, including the new autofocus from the A7RV, and the excellent sensor from the FX3.

And it means you can use all your existing lenses without compromises.

The only question would be whether you can get one in time before your trip. It is due to be released at the end of July, so maybe you can?

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