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Sony LA-EA5 - How it poorly compares to everything else.

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This thread is one started to discuss possible firmware updates and DIY firmware dumping and modifications, like the LA-EA4r mod for the LA-EA5, and curret market offerings of adapters of mechnical and electronic glass.

The Sony LA-EA5 is a LA-EA3 without the tripod coller in profile, and the issue of DMF de-activating on each shot causing a delay being removed, providing in additon a servo powered screwdriver for mechnical drive glass effectivly replacing the LA-EA4 for photo autofocus aswell.

What this adapter is not is an Sigma MC-11, now as of 2023 it has 3 major short commings,

  1. The adapter is not universally supported up/down the NEX/A6000/A7/A9 lineup.
  2. The adapters support is only aimed towards the A7RIV/A6600 Genaration 4 bodys and newer bodys only for "full support"
  3. No support video autofocus when there is zero issues with doing this on outher systems with electronic drive or on the older a900 DSLR or A99 bodys on even mechanical screwdriver lenses.

Personally I feel that A-Mount glass for last genaration SLR type bodys, from not only Sony but Sigma & Tamaron which is very affordable have been delt a huge kneecap for used market shooters, ware as Cannon EF glass is practically native via current MC-11 and Metabones adapters, I cant say Nikon F is perfect but still has mostly full AF support as far as I know, but Nikon Z can be adapted to even Sony E Mount via the TZE-02 from Techart so Nikon hold the highest ground in adapting potential.

There is also notably support today thanks to Monster Adapter the makers of the LA-EA4r for the Pentax K mount LA-KE1, Contax N-mount LA-NE1, even APS Minolta Victas glass has now got a new lease on life in the current era with the LA-VE2, less no one forget the Techart LM-EA9 providing servo autofocus for vintage primes I personally use the OM 50 f1.8 lens as its sharper then the stock FE 50 f1.8. 

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