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ILCE-7M2 - Can't use as a webcam?

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Hi all, first time poster!

I have a Sony a7ii that I am trying to use as a webcam for zoom calls. So far I have completed the following steps:

  1. Set "USB Connection" to "PC Remote"
  2. Installed the "Imaging Edge Webcam" software for model ILCE-7M2 on my PC, and restarted
  3. Once restarted, I turn my camera on and set to AUTO, and plugged it into my computer USB. The screen on my camera then gives me the error "Check the connected device."
  4. When I open my video settings on zoom, I can select "Imaging Edge Webcam" from my list of cameras, however I just get the software logo, no video from the camera. 

I'm desperate for a solution here and will happily provide a venmo tip to anyone who can get me across the finish line. Thanks in advance!

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