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Sony A7IV Absent Shutter Sound

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I recently purchased the Sony A7IV. 100% of the time, I shoot in Electronic Shutter mode to prolong the life of my cameras. I had come to find out that the A7IV shoots in silent mode, which means you do not hear/feel the shutter click. The shutter click sound is only available when in the Mechanical Shutter mode. I had reviewed everything on the menu, but there is no option to turn on this option.

Some are comfortable shooting in silent, unfortunately I am not one. When photographing my subjects, they are reliant on the shutter click sound to move on to their next pose, and I am very reliant on the sound to ensure my camera is functioning well.

Has/Is anyone experienced/experiencing this problem as well? I had chatted with an Sony agent with no resolution to this dilemma of mine. If anyone had gone through this, and has resolved this issue, how would I go about it?

Attached are photos from the menu showing what was seen from my menu, along with a short video.

Thank you!

IMG_8216 2.HEIC IMG_8217 2.HEIC IMG_8219.HEIC IMG_8220.HEIC

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I had asked Sony support about this when I first got my A7iv, and they said only A1 and A9x have sound when using ES. 

I put in a request to fix that in a firmware update, but no idea if they will actually do that.


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Then switch back to manual shutter mode to get the 'clunk' on which your model depends.

Where'd you get the data that silent extends the life of the camera? By how much? The thought of the camera breaking has never entered into the equation as to what I did with it and how much. Like marrying and not kissing her because you don't want to wear the lips out. I'd be seriously handicapping my art if I placed greater emphasis of camera 'economics' over camera 'opportunities'.

- - - 

Words to live by... If you bought it, use it. If you married it, kiss it. (The next owner rarely bothers to thank you anyways.)

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You want the 'thunk' sound coming from the mechanical shutter being activated but don't want to use the mechanical shutter to prevent wearing out the camera?  That's so rich!  Welp since shutter 'thunk' isn't available on your A7IV when shooting with ES, I guess you are gonna have to take a deep breath, calm your agitations and prepare to put some wear and tear on your camera - poor you. 😁

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I totally support the idea that electronic shutter should have the option not to be in silent mode. I just got my A7 IV and it is rather uncomfortable not knowing the shot is successful or not and to proceed further.... Sony please do something... thanks.

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Someone above posted only the A1 will do what you want. Paying $2k additional for the sole purpose of hearing a noise when you're in ES mode seems a bit steep for that privilege. It's more economical to pay closer attention to what you're doing with your IV, a less sophisticated and complex camera.

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