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100-400 GM OSS giving a vibration while IN VIDEO Mode-DESIGN FLAW??

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I am having a serious problem with vibration using the Sony 100-400, shooting video, on the FX3 and the A7s3. 

It's an electronic vibration (seen on the LCD), as opposed to something that is happening from wind or physical movement of body and lens.   Please note I've tried using a tripod, a bean bag, the ground, and have have turned the lens OSS OFF, and ON, and changed modes, tried changing focus modes, pulled batteries etc.  I have tried everything that I can think of and read of that is "supposed" to fix the problem.  At one point I thought is was just the FX3, but I tried it with the A7s3 and have the same problem.  It happens with no other lenses.

When the lens is fully extended at 400, and anywhere in range of the lens being fully extended, the vibration is there--and unfortunately, also being recorded on the video.

The only solution I've found so far is to put a bean bag under the extended tube of the lens, and then, at the same time, a smaller bean bag on the top of it.  This kills the vibration, but, the bean bags must be positioned perfectly, so they are putting pressure on the lens tube from the top and bottom.  And this is 100% counterproductive in trying to shoot anything from a video tripod head.

And while I've found a makeshift solution, this prevents me from being able to change lens lengths (try to quickly and quietly take the bean bag off and then reposition -- the wildlife is already gone).  It also prevents me from using manual focus, (which i need sometimes when the tracking through the long lens can't find it's subject) as the focus ring is covered.

I have spoken with a filmmaker friend who uses Sony exclusively, who uses the 200-600 for video.  They have no issues with the 200-600, but, the 200-600 is an internal zoom lens, where the 100-400 has a tube that extends in and out. The thought being, as a top of the line lens, and more expensive than the 200-600, why is this happening??  I'm wondering if the tube extension design is what is flawed, and is what is causing the issue.  As when the tube is 'insulated' by bean bags, the problem goes away.  

I'm wondering if there's anyone else that's experienced this?  While I appreciate all input, i'm really only looking for feedback/advice from those who are actually using the 100-400 lens AT 400mm fully extended, while shooting video.   I've attached the only way the lens works without vibration at 400mm. 

Thanks much!



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