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Youtuber desperately needing help w A7SIII AF settings...

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Hi everyone, I'm a physician with a growing youtube channel and am struggling with my autofocus. Think "Dr. Pimple Popper" but for feet.

I use the a7siii with sony 90mm f/2.8 lens and have been tinkering with the settings for several months and just can't get reliable autofocus. It's driving me crazy! I've recorded amazing surgeries only to get home and it goes out of focus during the best part. I've read and read and called every local camera shop looking for classes/private lessons and though it's helped, I'm still having problems.

My problem is the camera simply goes in and out of focus too much. It does a good job, but I need it to be great. I put the camera on a tripod as I don't have anyone to record for me and though it remains focused most the time, it will go out of focus especially during important scenes.

For example, here is my most recent video I posted (warning: you may find this very gross) and I actually apologized at the 5:48 mark because the camera couldn't keep focus: https://youtu.be/W1U9zj0Ye6w?t=347

My current settings are:

File format: XAVC S 4K

Rec Frame Rate: 60p

Record setting: 150M 4:2:0 8 bit

Focus Mode: Continuous AF

AF transition speed: 7 (fast)

AF subj. shift sensitivity: 1 (locked on) (anything higher it goes in and out of focus more)

Focus area: Wide

I keep color profile off, auto white balance, auto iso, F2.8

What causes the most confusion is when my hands go in and out of frame as I often grab new instruments and the camera struggles to stay focused. I've tried tracking by manually tapping the screen but when my hand or instrument goes over the tracked object it will then lock on to the new object in front.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

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