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Lenses for Nature/Wildlife - A6000

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Hello all,

Bought an a6000 a few months back to kickstart my quarantine hobby and have been loving it since! I was curious to know what lenses some of you use/recommend for nature/wildlife/landscape photography. Still learning every day, as I'm still very new to this, but the right equipment goes a long way!

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It would really help if you provided some more info with your question. I'll have to deduce some assumptions based on your question, so please correct me if I'm wrong here:

 - Your budget is limited (lenses over $1000 disregarded)

 - You're not planning to go fullframe in the foreseeable future (lens with fullframe coverage is not required)

 - By nature/wildlife you mean distant subjects (only lenses with 200mm focal length or longer considered)

 - You want quick autofocus and lens stabilization (wildlife moves around a lot and stabilized optics help a lot in reducing motion blur)

With these starting points the options are narrowed down to the following options I'd consider:

Sony E 55-210mm: cheap, small, lightweight, fairly decent for any new photographer

Sony E 70-350mm: fairly expensive, bigger and heavier but longer reach and much better image quality than the 55-210

If you want to have the option to go fullframe one day the Sigma 100-400 DG DN might be an option, but it's much bigger still than the Sony 70-350.

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