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Looking to upgrade or purchase 2nd camera

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Hi all, 

looking for some advice from you all please. 

i am very much an amateur starting off with an Alpha a330 and now using the A580 which has served me great for the last few years . 

I am looking to potentially upgrade to a more updated model but having not purchased in years I don’t know where to start.

I gather that most of the new cameras coming out these days are for the  E-fit  lenses so don’t know if I should go down this route and purchase an adaptor so I can continue using my A-fit lenses. 

My photography to date is mostly wildlife, landscaping and general snapping at family weddings etc. 

I would love my new camera to have WiFi capability for direct transfer to my phone when required.  

What’s  everyone’s thoughts?  Any guidance would be appreciated but I’d still be looking towards the lower level price wise. 


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Ok, you say you have not bought anything, in years ?

Well, considder this....

The lenses, have also moved on, as well as the cameras !

If your A mount lenses , are years old, then the idea of buying an adapter, to put  those old lenses , on a new   Full Frame, camera,   does not make any sense !

You will not be getting optimal results.

You would be better off, trying to sell your old stuff, or mebbe part ex, once we are allowed out , then buying whatever new camera takes your fancy.

In the meantime.. take a look at the  "Sony Lenses uk " site, and see which lens, suits you best, then google  independent reviews of that lens.

Steve Huff, Ken Rockwell, etc, then take it from there !

However I do not know if any of the Sony A7 or A9, have wifi ?

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I started much the same way with the A300 and have similar photography interests. My suggestion relates to whether or not you want to stay with the APC (crop frame cameras and lens) or go full frame.  I decided to stick with crop frame cameras and continue to use my existing lenses.  I think the A68 would be a good upgrade for you.  I have a A65 and have always been pleased with it.  A77ii are still sold and I am considering getting one of those before the crop frame body is discontinued. It has many more adjustments and a much higher end camera body.  It really depends on your budget.  I purchased a used A77 about 6 months ago and now looking at buying a new one as it certainly has some advantages over the lesser cameras.

The switch to full frame is a big change which has significant $ impacts and your financial commitment to photography.  It really depends on how serious you are about photography and the future you envision for the hobby.  I decided at my age that I was unlikely (and unwilling) to go full frame due to the lens assortment I already own.  Going full frame pretty much eliminates the APC lenses from the new camera body.  Same sort of thinking applies to the switch to E-mount from A-mount lenses.

If I had no additional lenses for the A330, I would probably go full frame at this point myself.  The choice to E-mount is yours as they are mostly mirrorless cameras.


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    • Hi Pieter, Not yet. I've thought about that, to use a tripod. But I've no time to try that yet. I'll try it this weekend and let you know.  Thanks!
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