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Need Imaging Edge version 1.4

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I have an old A700 and I'd like to set it up to copy slides using a tethered configuration.  I went to Sony to D/L  the most recent version of Remote Camera Control and find out it's now Imaging Edge (remote).  So I downloaded, installed and hooked up.  I kept getting the message telling me to "set USB to Remote PC" -- which I did and the message continues.  I returned to Sony and digging down through FAQ-Supported devices, I see the A700/A900 have an asterick noting the the A700/A900 need to use version 1.4 of the software (version 2.0 is the version that downloaded).  I sent Sony a "Contact us" request of how to get version 1.4 and they replied that it's no longer available for download.

Does anyone have the Image Edge (remote) version 1.4 they would be willing to share, or have a link to version 1.4?




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I used archive.org to get version 1.31. This version works with my Sony A900

Here is a direct link: http://ids.update.sony.net/IDC/1LBhVZzx05/IE131_1810a.zip

Here is the archive.org page: https://web.archive.org/web/20191216103721/http://imagingedge.sony.net/en/ie-desktop.html

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Thanks for this link.  It works for me. 

The one on the Sony website is IE1.0.00 for Windows 10 -- 64 bit.  That's what I have, but it will not install on my computer.

I don't know why Sony makes it so difficult to get older software.  But they are not alone.  Even Dell computers is lame with keeping old drivers available.  All that is required is a little hard drive space on their servers, but for some reason they won't do it.  Same with Nvidia, and others.  Fortunately, some companies did not graduate from the school of "If we don't provide the old software, they will have to buy our new hardware".

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I don't understand all this computer jargon, but when I used to shoot film I had a "Zoom Slide Duplicator" which was a lens that mounted the SLR in the normal way, but had a slot at the front to place your slide in, and a diffuser to soften the light source. (I've just found it lurking at the back of my cupboard, but no longer have a body to fit it)

You could zoom to get a magnification of x1 - x2.5. The quality of print wasn't as good as getting the slide film copied at a printers - but a lot cheaper.

I doubt any manufacturer still makes these curiosities.

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The Spiratone Dupli-Scope came in several varieties, and was very popular.  You can find a ton of these on EBAY starting at around $10 -- and going up with extra feature models.  They can attach to any camera -- with the correct adapter.  I'm sure there are Minolta mounts, and probably Maxxum (Sony-A) mount.  Sony-E????  Maybe not -- you might need and A to E adapter as well.  If you get one, make sure it comes with instructions!

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    • Hi Pieter, Not yet. I've thought about that, to use a tripod. But I've no time to try that yet. I'll try it this weekend and let you know.  Thanks!
    • Did you try manually focussing at 135mm, camera on tripod / solid ground, delayed release? If you can get sharp pictures that way, at least you know the optics are fine.
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