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Vivitar 500mm lens to Sony A230

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Hi Dave.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you.

Vivitar made lenses for a LOT of different camera-brands.  All the "Vivitar" name tells us is that it was (probably) made for a non-Vivitar camera body.

Frankly, it's very possible that there IS no adapter:  the a230 is an "A-Mount" SLR-style body with a deep registration-distance (the distance from lensmount to sensor); for many other lensmounts, there simply is no ROOM to insert an adapter.  There may be a "compromise" adapter available, along the lines of a speedbooster or teleconverter, but the extra glass elements will inevitably degrade the image-quality from the lens, at least a little bit...

 The very-easy adaptation of mirrorless bodies, such as Sony's E-Mount, comes from the elimination of the mirrorbox and thus the very-short registration distance.  Adapters can be as simple as a tube with the right connecters at each end (but can also be complex affairs with electronic connectors, motors to drive autofocus, etc).

You may be able to figure it out from these sites, but AFAIK will have to DIY the solution ...



Best of luck!

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