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I've just changed over to Sony from Nikon 

I'm using 2 x Sony A7iii

Zeiss 25mm f2

Zeiss 85mm f1.8


The picture was taken using the 25mm

It was on a tripod 


Iso 100


00.30 second 

The question,  where is the purple light coming from, it's on all the low light pictures I took and there wasn't any purple lighting in the area, is it a Sony sensor issue or a lens issue, not too impressed at the moment

Thanks in advanced for your comments  



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Since this was a low-light situation (exposure time 30 seconds), my guess is, that the AWB did not find a proper reference point for "whiteness".

If you've shot in raw format, you could correct this during postprocessing.

To avoid this in future shots, you may want to experiment with manual white balance settings.

Note the 2nd bullet point in the "Note" section of the above linked section of the user guide:

  • If you use a mercury lamp or a sodium lamp as a light source, the accurate white balance will not be obtained because of the characteristics of the light. It is recommended to shoot images using a flash or select [Custom Setup].

It looks like the street light (which cast your shadow on the sidewalk) may have been one of those mercury or sodium lamps.

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