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Need quick guide regarding colour in A7ii


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Dear Forum,

Here is a bold question. If any of you find it interesting to spend some minutes helping me I will be very grateful. 

In short: I am after a step to step guide to nail down a functional workflow in regards of colour management on my A7ii.
I know photography quite well, have been taking pictures since the film days, and try to extend this into dslr (dsl?) video shooting. And it's the colour bit that haunts me. Most other aspects of this workflow I have now managed to grasp pretty well, but it seems I am to slow or too low on energy after so much learning so I just can't seem to get the hang of it after countless guides and YouTube videos, where people throw terms like picture profiles, creative styles (I know they exclude each other) gamma, cine this and cine that, log s2 and so forth around. I am exagerrating a bit here: but to cut it short: Some day I will sit down with pen and paper and learn all this, but I just want help setting up a workflow, button by button, menu by menu to get me going and not miss out on any of the camera's functions. I have gathered as much that there is a better dynamic range to be had if one goes into the picture profiles and tweak, and then work in post to finish it. 

My setup:

A7ii with a Zeiss 24-70 f4 zoom lens and then a range of manual vintage Minoltas with F stop 2,8 mostly.
I make a video project where I film a boat renovation, talking to camera, filming woodworking and other crafts. Plus environments, boats and water and so on. 
I am currently working in LumaFusion to edit, which works well, and I will use this software's colour tools such as tweaking brightness, saturation, contrast etcetera. There are also Luts in the software which seem good, and I am quite prepared to purchase a Lut-pack and install if someone has a good suggestion. 

So, perhaps my question could be put like this: If you had this equipment, and wanted to make the most of it, which settings would you use?

As I said, if anyone likes the idea of handing over a quick guide I am grateful. Please don't refer me to manuals and deep literature or lengthy YouTube videos at this point. I have already tried that...

Kind regards



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I have the same issue. I moved from Nikon to Sony. One of the reasons I made the switch was that supposedly Nikon uses a Sony sensor in their cameras, so I thought the color would be the same. I was wrong. I have had nothing but trouble trying to get the colors to look good with a Sony A74. Here's a good example, attached. This man's shirt was white. The skin tones look good, but open shade is a killer in terms of white. It always turns blue. And I had to adjust the lips specifically so they were not purple. I don't have this kind of time! I use Davinci Resolve for editing. Any picture profile and LUT suggestions would be helpful.

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