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7Sii No Record/Zoom via Remotes After Repair

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A7Sii with shutter stuck closed. Sent in for repair*. Three weeks later it returns. Firmware Ver 3.0 with new settings for timecode and mode dial selected on rear screen from what I can tell but the problem I have is I can no longer trigger to record video or operate zoom on 18-105 lens either with Sony wireless remote (receiver connects to cam vis USB) or the Fogota cabled remote (connects to USB) I affix to the mobile rig.

The remote WILL, however, trigger shutter release for photos but is dead for video or zoom. Remotes operate on A7iii fine, just not on my repaired 7Sii. I've gone through the settings and can't see anything I missed that would prevent the operations I mentioned. 

Any ideas before I send it off under their 90 day repair warranty?

*REPAIRS: A complete repair and return all functions to factory.

REPLACE: Mech rear grip. Top housing hot shoe. Front grip



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