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focous magnifier vs digital zoom live view issue

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Ok so here is my issue I've noticed and I'm sure all of you have to. That when using zoom function in body (a7 series) i noticed it on bolth my a7III and a7R4, weather it's clear image or digital zoom or apsc mode with zoom  that it is blurry when when its focused on the subject, but if I use focous magnifier to esencialy zoom in witch goes to 11x digital vs only 4 x  that the image in the viewfinder and on screen is much crisper and I can actualy see detail. Sony should fix this I don't know how to bring it up or if we can all ask for this as a firmware fix, not that sony will fix it they will just wait for their next big camera release and have it fixed on that one.. it won't me attach photos

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Fix what?

The focus magnifier goes to 100%, showing the actual pixels from the sensor. Those are real.

I don’t use “clear image” or “digital zoom” because those are magnifying the image beyond the actual pixels coming from the sensor.

If you want an image magnified beyond the reality of the sensor, then shoot without that stuff turned on. Take the image back to your computer, and blow it up as much as you want using something like SuperRes or whatever. Your computer is much more powerful than the camera - let it invent the extra pixels to blow your image up. Don’t expect the tiny processor in the camera to do as good a job.

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