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Is A7RII still worth in 2018? [AUGUST 2018]

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Hello! i just found this forum when surfing a lot of information about sony's mirrorless.

I started as a wedding photographer a year ago, considering i'm still not a really pro photographer, i'm looking for a new camera that still work for 3-4 years ahead as a wedding photographer.

I found that A7RII is awesome camera, with all those details and the 42 megapixels, is it still worth to get that camera now?

Or get a A7III which is a same budget with A7RII? 

I still don't have budget to buy A7RIII.

Thank you, and greetings from a new fanboy of sony!



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I recently purchased a SECOND A7RII body since there are many people selling them for cheap now that the A7RIII is out - (better features, same IQ)

So yes, it's worth it.  I do portrait work primarily but need multiple bodies for event work or on locations shoots where swapping lenses isn't practical or desirable.

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