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Sony A6000 vs a7 III

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Hello I’m wondering if I should buy the sigma 16mm 1.4 for my a6000, or go all out and invest in the a7 III with the 28-70 kit lens. I want to start doing portraits and events, prints, and would really like an improvement in low light capabilities. Also I don’t exactly need the 4K video, but it would be super nice to have. Should I pull the trigger, invest in the a7 iii? Or will I be able to produce similar quality images with the sigma 16mm f1.4 l, especially in low light? (Night photography, street, dark concert halls)

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Guest Jaf-Photo

You can do it with A6000. instead of buying A7III and the kitlens (rather bad) you can buy some fast primes. The 16/1.4 is a nice wide lens but you'll also need a longer lens for portraits. The Sigma 30/1.4 or Sony 50/1.8 might get you there.


If you're shooting portraits in poor light you'd also do well with a flash like a Nissin or Godox.

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