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SDXC Prices!!!

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I just purchased my first a6000 and I chose the SanDisk SDXC 64GB memory card. Best Buy rang the card up at $134.99 and it’s the same price on the SanDisk site. I noticed the same, or what I think is the same card at Target Andrea walmart for $39.99. Best Buy matched the price, but am I missing something? Why is this card so expensive?

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Card prices vary insanely wildly. I just bought 

a coupla SanDisk128gb XC's [write speed of

90mps] at $60 each.  


Best Buy has such discrepencies evident on 

the display rack if you walk in. At any time, a

given card, and some other card of the exact

same spec and brand will be about $50 apart 

in price. The only difference will be SanDisk 

has updated the packaging or model name, 

but a careful reading of the verrrry fine print 

on the back of the package shows the cards 

are exactly the same !    


My best guess is that the inventory system 

automatically clearance prices the older SKU 

number because, being superceded, it will no 

longer be replenished or re-ordered. But the 

newer SKU number represents only a newer 

model name or packaging and NOT any real 

difference in the product. 


Friendly advice: When shopping cards online 

forget BestBuy or SanDisk direct. You won't 

ever beat Adorama or B&H Photo-Video. Off 

Line [walk in] one may find great deals on the 

rack at BestBuy ... but these deals apparently 

are not reflected by their online listings :-(  



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