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Hello All,


I'm brand new to the forum and sharing pictures.   I got my A6000 about a month ago and have been obsessed with night time long exposure.   Here are a couple shots...





By the way, what's the best way to share pictures here to retain as much quality as possible?   Resize and try to maintain 1mb file size?  (I resized and had them about 400-500kb and then the forum compressed to 100-120kb)


Check out all my photos at http://www.instragram.com/travelforpictures

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    • By Vinlander
      I have been experimenting with long exposures and nd filters with my Sony A7 II and Sony FE 16-35 F4 lense.  The other day I attached a circular polarizer and a 10 stop ND filter. I've always assumed you needed to use manual focus with filters and long exposures. However, my auto focus seemed to work just fine even under these conditions. Does anyone else have a simular experience with auto focus and long exposures?
    • By majko
      Greetings, I wonder if someone could help me with pinpointing the problem.
      I am new Sony user (long time Canon user). Bought secondhand A6000 and used it for a few days with M42 to NEX adapter, since I have M42 lenses in abundance.
      Today I received 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens, wanted to compare it to Canon lens kit, and to tell you truthfully it is splendid little lens, much better than Cannon 18-55 lens. Until it kinda stopped working. Auto focus became very strange, it either not working with lens fully opened (motor is not working), or I can hear motor working with big F stop, but it is not focusing accurately.
      Web search didn't gave me enough relevant result, so I would be very grateful if someone here could tell me what could be the problem, with camera itself or the lens.
      Only thing that I have tried is to reset camera setting, but that didn't helped. Any ideas?
      P.S. No one of my friends is using Sony, so I have no access to another lens to try, or another camera.
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